A JavaScript conference for the Pacific Northwest

June 19-22, 2024

Town Hall
Seattle, WA, USA

CascadiaJS 2024 is coming BACK to Seattle, WA and will run from June 19 - 22. We'll host a Welcome Reception on June 19, have 2 days of talks and workshops on June 20 and 21 and get out and about the Seattle area for a day of activities on June 22!

Sasquatch having ChatGPT write his code for him while chilling on a beach

Our Speakers

photo of Aaron Gustafson
Aaron Gustafson
Seattle, WA, USA
photo of Aiden Bai
Aiden Bai
San Francisco, CA, USA
photo of Shruti Kapoor
Shruti Kapoor
Washington, DC, USA
photo of Tejas Kumar
Tejas Kumar
Consultant @ DevRel
Berlin, Germany
photo of Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee
This Dot
Atlanta, GA, USA
photo of Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee
San Francisco, CA, USA
photo of Dominic Farolino
Dominic Farolino
Cambridge, MA, USA
photo of Josh Goldberg
Josh Goldberg
Freelance / Open Source
Philadelphia, PA, USA
photo of Geoff Rich
Geoff Rich
Tacoma, WA, USA
photo of Henri Helvetica
Henri Helvetica
Toronto, Canada
photo of Rizel Scarlett
Rizel Scarlett
Boston, MA, USA
photo of Shawn Swyx Wang
Shawn Swyx Wang
San Francisco, CA, USA
photo of Tyler Sticka
Tyler Sticka
Cloud Four
Portland, OR, USA
photo of Herve Aniglo
Herve Aniglo
Black Girls Code
Atlanta, GA, USA
photo of Penelope McLachlan
Penelope McLachlan
Vancouver, BC, Canada
photo of Jerome Woody
Jerome Woody
Seattle, WA, USA
photo of Kristen M Thayer
Kristen M Thayer
Seesaw Learning
Seattle, WA, USA
Pixelated Photo
Pixelated Photo
Pixelated Photo


illustration of Sunriver Resort

Town Hall

Town Hall Seattle is a landmark historic building located within walking distance of Downtown and Capitol Hill. It's where we held CascadiaJS in 2019 and we can't wait to be back!

illustration of a microphone

20+ Awesome Speakers

We are being joined by a wonderful line-up of speakers covering everything from the latest in the web/JS to building with AI.

illustration of merit badge

Hands-on Workshops

Running parallel to the talks, there will be hands-on workshops to choose from if you care to roll-up your sleeves and do some coding.

illustration of a meal

All Inclusive

Your ticket includes a Welcome Reception, 3 meals a day for 2 days and 2 awesome parties!

illustration of a welcome mat


In order to build an inclusive community for web developers we work hard to make our event as accessible as possible. Stay tuned for more info on this!

illustration of a pickleball racquet

Outdoor Activities

On the Saturday after the conference, we're going to organize some activities so that folks can explore the Seattle area, get some fresh air and have some fun!

illustration of a Help Wanted sign

Job Fair

After the talks and workshops on Day One, we are hosting a Job Fair to connect folks to great companies that are hiring!

illustration of a unicorn

Startup Fair

After the talks and workshops on Day Two, we are hosting a Startup Fair to showcase exciting, new developer and AI tools!

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