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Debugging Your Manager

managing up
career growth

This talk will focus on tips and tricks for managing up: how to understand your manager’s perspective, how to bring clarity and get buy-in from your manager, and how to turn “I’m not sure” into “Let’s work together on this!”

As a software engineer who moved into management, I’ve spent a lot of time mentoring and coaching engineers, both on my teams, and on other teams. Because at my core, I’m still an engineer, and I like helping engineers get what they need! A lot of the questions people ask me fall into the same bucket: I want something from my manager, and I don’t know how to ask, or I’m anxious about how my manager will respond.

Whether you’re looking to try a new piece of technology in the codebase or attend a conference, you can approach your manager with more understanding and confidence to ask those tough questions.

Let’s work together to get shared understanding and buy-in for all the amazing conference ideas you’re going to hear!

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